Change Up Your Eating Routine

For so many of us meals are boring, dragged down into a slump by extreme repetition and a lack of new ideas. Let me just say that does NOT have to be the way it is! With a little coaching and some planning, you will be eating all kinds of new foods and loving your meal times from now on!

Before we get rolling, we need to take a minute (grab a cup of tea - I know I just did) to talk about whats going on in your life that is leading you into this crappy place to be. There are no judgmements here, after all NO ONE is perfect, and life had an incredible way of messing up the best laid plans! So be honest with yourself and remember I've got your back, just shoot me a comment and Ill always do whatever I can to help! 

So…Why are you in the slump?

Without making up a bunch of bull shit excuses answer the following few questions:

  • Is the cause stemming from an emotional source, or is there something external that is effecting you? 
  • What are your 3 biggest obstacles to always having fun and exiting lunches?
  • What are you currently doing about them? (remember no excuses!)

Now that you've taken a second to think about it you probably have a decent idea about why you're feeling the slump, and thats the first step to climbing out. The second step is the answers to the last question - what are you doing about your obstacles and how are you going to face them head on? 


Get Motivated!

What ever you need to do in order to tackle your personal obstacles it is key to get and stay motivated! So again answer the following:

  • Why do you want to overcome your obstacles?
  • How will your life be different once you have? What will it look and feel like? 
  • Why is failure simply NOT AN OPTION?
  • How will you give yourself praise and love along the way?
  • What will you do to celebrate/reward yourself once you've crushed your obstacles?

Plan, Plan, Plan!


Fail to plan, and you're planning to fail! - unknown


As always, I can't begin to stress enough how important it is to meal plan! Like seriously people, If I could offer only one piece of advice, meal planning would be it! (need some help click here)

So bust out your favourite planner, be sure to include any events/commitments you have for the week then follow these 3 simple steps:


  1. If you don't have one planned already, schedule a social lunch/dinner with a close friend - connecting with those we care about helps us to feel revitalized, motivated and happy overall!
  2. Plan 1/2 of the remaining meals as family favourites - doing this helps to keep just the right level of comfort and familiarity to keep everyone feeling good.
  3. Use the @ItsAllGoodFN Pinterest boards to plan the remaining 1/2 of the meals in your week. - All kinds of meals and snacks are added daily so you will never run out of new and exciting meals to try!

Thats all for now, as always I want to hear from you - so tell me what you're thinking! 

Until next week,