25 Soups To Enjoy Through Fall And Winter

It’s no secret I have a sort of love affair with soups, and all things soup related, and after a positive response to my summer soups post I’m back with more, but this time its all about fall <3

 “And all at once the summer collapsed into fall - Oscar Wilde” 

Fall really is a wonderful time of year, besides the obvious; comfy clothes, fuzzy boots, scarfs and tea. Fall brings with it a plethora of seasonal veggies and the cool weather helps to inspire the cooking vibes - and after avoiding the stove all summer, its about time! 

When it comes to cooking soup anytime of year, but especially leading into the fall and winter months ALWAYS DO A DOUBLE BATCH, seriously though I can’t stress enough the benefits of making extra soup and then freezing it is small and large portions for later. Lets be real for a moment, even though winter (for most of us) means spending more time indoors, it doesn’t mean we are any less busy! Having individual and family sized portions of soup on hand is such a great time saver for lunch and dinner and it’s easy enough that the family can heat it up themselves (wooot, one less thing mom has to do!).


break down the perfection


Who doesn't love the classic soups like chicken noodle, turkey, tomato and those awesome fall root veggies * swoons*  These 7 recipes are all fresh and delicious twists on some of the favourite soups that come along with this beautiful fall season

  1. creamy roasted tomato and basil soup
  2. slow cooker butternut squash soup
  3. rosemary chicken noodle soup
  4. Turkey dumpling soup
  5. Ham and veggie soup
  6. Roasted caulighflower soup
  7. caprese spinach and tomato soup


basics for the classics



It wouldn’t be fall without some pumpkin, ok or a lot of pumpkin. Thats why I’ve got these 4 super savoury soups that feature the #1 fall staple… none other than (you guessed it) Pumpkin! 

  1. pumpkin acorn squash soup
  2. thai ginger and pumpkin soup with cocoanut cream
  3. pumpkin Tumeric and ginger soup
  4. quinoa black bean and pumpkin soup


all of the pumpkins


Sometimes (especially on those colder days) we all need something with a little extra oomph to help warm us up, provide some much needed energy and of course to leave us feeling satisfied and happy overall! These 6 recipes are just the solution to that feeling, they are chunky, rich, hearty and so so soooooo delicious. You’ll want to grab a spoon and dive on in!! 

  1. creamy broccoli chicken and cheddar soup
  2. white bean soup with bacon and spiced brown butter
  3. Zuppa toscana soup
  4. cabbage roll soup
  5. tomato creamy tortalini soup
  6. Hamburger soup


rooting for the root veggies



These last 8 recipes - while not all pumpkin, these recipes are still the epitome of the fall season and all the beautiful and diverse flavours it has to offer! 

Essentially it is the love of fall wrapped up in a warm and inviting bowl of soup… does it get any better than that? I don't think so!

  1. cream of sweet potato and apple soup
  2. mushroom barley soup
  3. autumn lentil soup
  4. carrot and ginger soup
  5. cheesy Italian sausage and potato chowder
  6. asiago bisque
  7. cinnamon spiced sweet potato soup with maple croutons
  8. bre and cheddar apple beer soup 


fall magic
 "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall - F. Scott Fitzgerald”

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post and that you enjoyed making and eating some of these soups as much as I know I did!

Think I missed a recipe that absolutely screams fall, tell me about it!!

Until next week,