Death To Fad Diets!

First off, this is a NO SHAME ZONE. I’m about to get real when it comes to dieting, specifically fad diets, and it’s ok, we’ve all fallen victim to these “health super trends”, at least I know I have 🙋🏻

Now that we’ve settled that let’s get down to business. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past 60+ years a fad diet is defined as a reducing diet that enjoys temporary popularity. In this case the definition really says it all, fad diets are horribly restrictive (meaning you see results ultra fast if you follow the regimen exactly, and even the the results aren’t lasting! So it comes as no surprise that these diets are only popular until they are realized to be unrealistic, and by then it’s onto the next new thing. This pattern of dieting is absolutely brutal and takes a significant toll on every single aspect of a person’s life! (Don’t believe me, leave a comment with your opinion and we’ll talk.)

Why Fad Diets Are The Worst For You And Your Family

Besides the whole completely unrealistic thing, fad diets leave you feeling defeated, unmotivated, frustrated, and often confused. They contribute to feelings of social inadequacy, low self esteem and self worth, depression, anxiety, self harm and they cause us to lose touch with our own bodies needs and wants.

While working in franchised weight loss I had the opportunity to meet and support a large number of people from all different walks of life and facing all kinds of different circumstances, old, young, male, female, parents, children, everyone… And without a doubt 95% of those people had tried at least one fad diet prior to sitting in my office, and all of them felt defeated, frustrated and discouraged by their past experiences. Even the 3-5 year old children whose parent(s) came in were starting to show similar negative habits, thoughts and tendencies to those of their parents. This was something that shattered my heart into a trillion pieces every time I saw it. 

Plain and simple kids learn from us, they learn the things we do, say and in a way even how we think, no parent wants to teach their child a negative view of food (obviously). That is why we need to all band together and make a stand to break the trend of fad diets and work together to teach future generations how to love, utilize and maintain their empowerment over food.  

What We Should Be Doing

This is something I talk about time and time again (believe me, it’s not without good reason) and it’s using mindfulness, balance and moderation while approaching food. 

We are a species of omnivores that require essential nutrients found in our various foods to survive, like could nature have made it any more obvious that we are made to eat everything that doesn't try to eat us? Just sayin’ it’s about time we all started acting like it! Because of globalization (that fancy term we all learned way back in high school social studies) we have access to spices and ingredients from all over the world allowing for endless culinary potential! - I don't know about you but that sounds pretty damn good to me! 

So enjoy the gift that is variety and start eating everything again, just remember the key; it’s all about how much, how often!

How To Make The Change

A lot of the changes required to let go of the fad dieting train is mindset and habit change, choosing to focus on positive lifestyle measures rather than just what the scale or measuring tape says, here are 10 things you can do today to help make the change

  1. Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself how incredibly beautiful, positive, strong and loved you are.
  2. Resist the urge to buy that raunchy gossip magazine at the checkout, its only full of lies and garbage.
  3. Go for a quiet (electronic free) walk in nature, and take a minute to listen to your body
  4. Drink way more water and give up the nasty diet pops - all those chemicals are just as bad if not worse than the sugar!
  5. Unsubscribe from those who constantly push the newest, hottest diet - you don’t need that shit in your life.
  6. Eat from all of the food groups and unless there is an allergy, try not to cut anything out.
  7. Pay attention to which foods make you feel happy, energized and awesome overall, then incorporate those foods regularly. 
  8. Keep a journal(with your meal plan) to document your progress, thoughts/feelings, challenges and motivation.
  9. Talk to friends and family about your choice for change and ask for their support. 
  10. Spend 1-2 hours weekly to meal plan as a family, in 7 days there are 21 meals that get to be enjoyed, set 10 of those 21 meals as current family favourites and use the other 11 to get creative and try new things! 

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