Find Your "Why" And Use It To Crush Your Goals

Goal crushing with your why

Hey everyone, sorry for the total radio silence the past few weeks… I wish I could say that I've been super busy doing all kinds of cool and exciting stuff, but that just wouldn't be the truth. I've been in a funk, a rut, a lurch, a moment of creative emptiness, whatever you want to call it the result has been the same, radio silence across the board. And for the record it sucks, I miss sharing and connecting with everyone, but I felt like I had nothing more to give or say at that point. So I set out to find my why.


What Is Your Why, And What's The Big Deal?


Finding your why is a concept I was originally introduced to upon finishing my Nutrition Certification at SAIT Polytechnic, and then again a few years later while working for a local small business. Essentially it boils down to the most basic yet powerful essence of why you do anything at all. Getting out of bed, choosing a specific food,  getting dressed, selecting one job/career over another, you name it, everything we do is motivated by that one driving force that stands above all else. 

Of course, along with the single most basic and intrinsic why many people (including myself) have found that there are little branch off's so to speak from that basic why to be suitable for more specific task oriented goals. 

For myself the basic why is wanting to raise children/a family of my own, and everything I do from choosing to buy a family friendly car in my early 20's to creating this blog and business is leading and adding to the creation of the life and future I want to provide to the children that I someday have. Many of those branch off's include choosing to make sacrifices now so that I can have the lifestyle and freedoms I want then, taking care of my own health so that my body is strong and prepared for pregnancy and so that I will be around and able to see my family progress and grow over multiple future generations. 

When you've identified a strong why that is true to your core beliefs and values, that little knowledge nugget will conciously and unconsciously lead you to make decisions that get you closer to your goals, and provide you with the motivation to keep going until you reach them!  - So thats why it's kind of a big deal 😉


How I figured Out My Why And You Can Too


There have been a few different things that I have done to find my why (and ultimately break out of this funk). Everything I did and will suggest is super easy, but like anything in life it takes dedication, consistency, self reflection and honesty to successfully get it done (that was literally, above all else, my key to success). 

So here are the 6 things I did to find my why if you follow these steps and remember my key to success you too can find your why and use it to start crushing your goals!

1. Keep a Journal

I strongly recommend the bullet journal style of journaling, as it allows for the perfect balance of structure and creative freedom, while bringing uniquely and authentically yours. Here, here and here are three of my favourite videos explaining the system 🤗

In it keep everything, wright your schedule, goals, gratitudes, frustrations, accomplishments, lists… I literally mean EVERYTHING! 

"Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than grey matter & led pencil markings endure longer than memory" - Unknown 
notebook-bullet journal

2. Get Active

Do something physical. For me it's yoga, maybe for you its running, swimming, cross-fit, or spin. It is a well know fact that the endorphins released during exercise make us happier, feel better, and help us to be more alert and focused. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, go get your sweat on!  

3. Meditate

This is something that is absolutely 110% non optional! If you don't think you can do it, I challenge you to do the FREE take 10 program through headspace (of course there is an app for that), complete it and try telling me that you can't meditate! 

By spending time daily clearing the mind you will become more focused and internally aware, this makes it way easier to figure out what your core why is! 

active mind, active body

4. Read, Read, And Read Some More

Reading educates, enlightens and inspires us, so start reading! Think of challenges or obstacles you are currently facing and read about solutions, search inspirational quotes, read whatever catches your eye and read as much as you can. Note the things that stand out to you, meditate on them and allow your true interests and passions begin to flow through you! 

5. Set Some Goals

I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog knows that setting goals is the key to success which is why I have this little goal setting challenge for you to do right now!

Don't worry, it's quick and relatively easy. Go grab a piece of paper and something to wright with, plus your phone or tablet (if you don't have it already), Ill wait…

Ok so on a blank page you are going to wright the headings "Lifetime" "5 Years "1 Year" "3 Months" and be sure to leave enough space under each heading, as you will be listing all the goals you would achieve if you could do whatever you wanted - all external factors aside, family, friends, money, location, all of it. No restrictions or parameters, what would you do? 

Now with your phone or tablet, set a timer for 10 minutes and wright down everything that comes to mind and DON'T OVERTHINK IT! Again, Ill wait. 😏

crush them goals

Now that you've got some goals written down go through and star the top 3 goals from each section that you are most passionate about and resonate most deeply with you. Look at all the goals stared, what commonalities do they share? Those underlying tones within your goals are representations of your why (basically those branch off's that I mentioned earlier).

6. Go Out Into Nature

Last but certainly not least, unplug yourself from technology and soak in the positive vibes nature has to offer, breathe in the fresh air, let the sun gently warm your skin and listen to the sounds all around you (this is also a great time/place to do more meditation). 

By unplugging you will be more able to quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice telling you your hearts true intentions and desires aka your why!

the majesty of nature is a powerful thing


Did you find this post helpful? If so let me know in the comments below 💜 and share it with your friends - it doesn't have to be our secret 😉

Stay tuned, breaking out of this funk has got me feeling like a champ and full of little gems to share with all of you! 

Until next week,