Why I Don't Believe In Counting Macronutrients Or Calories

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday!

This week while chatting it up in the wide, wonderful world of Instagram, I came across a post from a woman talking about how she had finally stopped counting macronutrients and about how incredibly freeing it felt. That post has really resonated with me for a few reasons, first off I was so insanely proud of her (quantifying every single bite of food is exhausting and an easy way to develop a negative food obsession), secondly because I've totally been there… 

Growing up I always ate healthily, my entire family cooked from scratch and grew fruits/veggies at home, so I pretty much ate a little of everything and never felt too concerned by the specific numerics within my diet, and was always able to maintain a healthy body weight.
However a few years back, while finishing my nutritional education at SAIT Polytechnic I was offered a job and started working for a well known weight loss company. Dedicated to supporting my clients and helping them achieve success, I decided to start focusing on my dietary intake the way they would be - which meant eating (or not eating) very restrictive and specific foods while keeping incredibly detailed track of everything that went into my body. 
Although on a general scale keeping track of food choices is hugely beneficial let me be really specific here, it's the intensely detailed and numeric based tracking/planning that caused me to develop an obsession with my weight and caloric intake that quickly became overwhelming. I mean like to the point where I counted every calorie, macronutrient, and weighed myself anywhere from 3-7 times each day!  

Kind of crazy to think about right?  Well, it was for me when I realized that my obsession wasn't healthy, and that there was WAY more to life than focusing on the mathematics behind every single sip or bite that I took in a day!  

So here is WHY I don't believe in counting every calorie and/or macronutrient

  • It can quickly and easily lead you down a slippery slope of obsession
  • When focusing on mathematics, proper nutritional balance is often overlooked
  • It seriously takes WAY more time than it is worth
  • Macronutrients and calories are important, but they are only a small part of the equation, and therefore alone they are not the exclusive, be all / end all of health and nutrition 


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