Free Food Shelf

Hey everyone! The free food shelf is something that soooo many of my friends have heard me talk about, and I believe so firmly in that I finally broke down and wrote it all out into a post…

Teaching others (especially then next generation) about food is something I'm particularly passionate about, and with almost all of my friends (and some family) having kids I feel it is my duity as the "cool foodie auntie" (yeah its a self given nick name, so what?) to share the things that my brilliant mother did, to help me develop the deeply intertwined and meaningful connection with food that I benefit from today. Seriously though, all moms are great but I was blessed enough to have one thats extra special - just ask ANYONE who knew me growing up, to this day she is a second mom to many of my friends! 

Alright everyone, I'm about to get down to business (more or less)… This concept is almost unbelievably easy, but, it is a surefire for success and ill explain why after…

The free food shelf is simply a child acessable drawer or shelf in the fridge, which is continuously stocked with nutritious (parent approved) food choices that kiddies can help themselves to at anytime of day or night! 5 minutes after dinner? Go for it! 2 AM? Heck yes! The whole point is that it is there for them whenever they feel hungry! Its that easy!
Things like fruits, veggies, yogurt, pre-peeled boiled eggs, cheese and bread are always good options, just remember, it is absolutely key to have any choice already in child friendly portions.
For example, a container of strawberries would be better than a whole mellon, since it is easier for the kidlets to grab one or two berries rather than needing to cut a slice off (also, pre-cut mellon doesn't keep very long). Same thing goes for an idividual sized cup of yogurt versus the big tub; think, whats easier for little hands?

I strongly recommend the free food shelf to everyone simply because of the incredibly important life lessons it teaches:

  • Understanding natural hunger cues
    • Learning how to tell what hungry feels like, as well as learning how to guage hunger level; snack hungry vs. meal hungry/scale of 1-10.
  • Differenciating between thirst and hunger
    • Most of us have an incredibly hard time with this one simply beacuse of food habbits learned in early childhood.
  • Identifying ones own wants and desires
    • Like anything else, it is only with practice/exposure that we learn what foods we actually feel like, and from that which foods are our favorites and why.
  • Learning to listen to the needs of ones own body, and how different foods create differnt feelings within the body
    • Energizing vs relaxing foods, bloating foods, etc. 

I believe this is one of the first steps we can all take twards raising a generation of conscious and mindful eaters, who are able to control their foods. Rather than live like the many of us who let food control our lives and our choices. 

An extra special thanks again to my mom for teaching me all that she did and does!


As always I want to know what you think, so leave a comment below!!

Until next week!