6 Ways to Reuse Easter Eggs

Easter is officially over, as is that whole binge eating candy/chocolate when know one is looking thing (it's ok, we have all done it). For myself and many others, Easter (like most holidays) comes with a set of traditions; food, egg hunts, more food, egg decorating, pretty standard. This year I took part in a community style hunt and decorating party (10-15 adults, 5-10 kids), when all the egg beautification was completed and the event concluded, my friend B (the host) was left with 60 hard-boiled eggs… This of course sparked my creative and challenge-driven sides to come up with at least 6 recipes that could use up some of those lovely Easter eggs.



So without further adieu, here are 6 ways to reuse decorated easter eggs…


1. Bacon Jalapeño Devilled Eggs

It has the magical "B" word… Bacon, so it's an automatic winner! Check it out at realhousemoms.com

2. Avocado Cucumber Egg Salad

Such a light and delicious twist on the classic egg salad! Add in some shredded carrot or finely diced red onion for some extra colour! You will find this one thanks to the36thavenue.com


3.  Spinach, Bacon and Egg Salad

A spinach salad is such a light and delicious way to enjoy hard boiled eggs! Check out this beauty at saltandlavender.com

4.  Scotch Eggs 

OK, so don't get all freaked out on me now… 

Scotch eggs are delicious and lets be real for a second-the presentation opportunities for these are endless, and they go great with some carrot and zucchini fries! Get the 411 from recipelion.com



5.  Potato Salad With Bacon and Egg

Again with that magical "B" word! Plus adding the egg to your potato salad is a great way to bump up the protein content!

Eat it on its own, in a sandwich, on a wrap or on top of a bed of lettuce for a great meal anytime! Get the recipe here thanks to noshtastic.com


6.  The Winter Bowl 

Don't let the name fool you, this hearty bowl of deliciousness can be modified to include fresh ingredients from any season! You'll find this beauty courtesy of theawesomegreen.com


I want to hear from you! which recipes did you love, and how did they inspire you?! 

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Until next week,