7 Tips For Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of those things in life that some love, others hate, but we all have to do. Did you know that most people tend to overspend on impulse items that aren't needed, nutritionally beneficial, and more often than not are stupidly expensive! So, withought further delay, here are my 7 simple tips for grocery shopping success!


1. Don't Go Hungry! 

while this may seem like total common sense, it actually happens all the time, and to virtually everyone! So seriously… Eat something, anything before you go! When shopping while hungry you are significantly more likely to overspend, give in to unnecessary junk food temptations, and forget the things you originally went out for resulting in more shopping trips as well as essentially wasted time and money.

2. Bring A List

Again, seems obvious right? Believe it or not having a real, physical (or electronic - I use both) list while easy, is one of the single most helpful shopping tips of all time! Imagine trying to play a game with no instructions, its pretty hard to win when you have no clue what your supposed to do. Same goes for grocery shopping, wanna do it like a boss? Then bring a list!

Now, if your anything like me you start off with the best intentions, but tend to be a little forgetful… So here is how I do it (a little sub-list for you):

  1. Keep a list and a pen in the kitchen, and as items get finished off they get written down.
  2. Before heading to the grocery store I take my paper list and check the house to see if anything is missing, and add anything specific for the week ahead.
  3. I then take a photo of the list and upload it to my general list app (Evernote and Wunderlist are two of my favourites). 
    *This step is super important since 9/10 times I still manage to forget the paper copy at home

3. Check For Deals

In the foyer of most grocery stores is a coupon wall or flyer section. Before I tackle any of my list, I always take a minute to see if some money can be saved. After all, food is getting more expensive each day, why not save a buck whenever possible?! 

4. Visit A Local Farmers Market

One of the best things about spring and summer is that all the amazing local farmers markers are open, a quick google search can yield all the markets within a 30 minute drive from your home, and with it open door to a wonderful world of fresh, seasonal, and local foods! 

Oh and did I mention farmers markets often have a better selection at a better price? Wins all around!

5. Avoid The Isle Ends/Bulkheads!

Alas, there ail still be some items that require a conventional grocery store to find, so when you are there, remember… AVOID THE ISLE ENDS AND BULKHEADS! I'm not trying to yell, I simply can't stress this point enough. The ends of isles are where the "feature" items are located (in many cases "featured" simply represents the highest bidder for the space). Since these items aren't always the best or freshest product its ideal to check out competitive products before purchasing to ensure you get what ever it is that best suits your needs.

6. Compare "Apples" To "Apples"

Between promotional prices, as well as varying sizes and packaging of products, it can be hard to tell which is really the better deal. Thats why its key to compare specifications such as weight and number of individual items per package, as well as the cost and stipulations around promotional prices. When you are comparing products with the same criteria it quickly and easily becomes clear which is the best choice.

7. Utilize Money Saving Apps

If you haven't figured it out yet, I like to save money whenever possible, thats why my last pro tip for grocery shopping tip is to utilize money saving apps such as Checkout 51 or others on this list from groceryshopforfree.com. Many of these apps are free to use and over time they will add up to free groceries. And who doesn't want that?!


Now that you know all the pro tips, you can grocery shop like a pro, being more efficient, shopping less, and while saving money! Want a personalized revamp of your grocery shopping habbits? Get started here.


Let me know how this post helped you! Have a tip that wasn't mentioned? leave it in the comments! 

Have fun,