15 Salads You Simply Have To Try!

I recently watched a Buzz Feed video of 10 salads from around the world (watch it here). This made me think of how much I love salads and just how exciting they can be! So without further adieu here are 15 amazing salads you simply have to try…

1. Cobb Salad

Cobb salads (like many of the other salads on this list) are great for a few reasons, first and most importantly its delicious, second its nutritious, third its filling, and fourth its easy! Need I say more? 

Try a classic or with a new twist

2. Strawberry Quinoa Salad

This salad takes fresh to a whole new level with its sweet strawberries and tangy dressing it will soon be one of your go to lunches. And hey, did you know that quinoa is a complete protein and its vegan? Double win!

Find the recipe here thanks to Damn Delicious

3. Asian Chicken Salad With Sesame Dressing

One bite and your transported on a culinary vacation in Asia. With its sweet and slightly earthy flavours, you will be left feeling satisfied and happy with this healthy meal choice.

Find the recipe here thanks to Joyful Healthy Eats

4. Mexican Chopped Salad

This salad is too pretty to pass up, and the grilled corn makes it unforgettable. If you only try one salad on this list, let it be this one!

Get started thanks to The Cafe Sucre Farine

5. Summer Tortellini Salad

This salad offers the perfect blend of veggies and grains, it will have you loving carbs again! Don't think you could ever love carbs? Well, you need to read this. Then check out this amazing recipe thanks to Five Heart Home

6. Honey Mustard Chicken Chopped Salad

A delicious love affair between classic flavours will have you loving salads again and of course, craving more! 

Learn to make it here courtesy of Creme De La Crumb

7. Sweet Potato And Black Bean Salad

To some this salad may seem intimidating, but just give it a chance and you will soon admit its love at first bite! 

Fall in food love here thanks to the Plant Powered Kitchen

8.  Cucumber Salad

Creamy with a pop of dill, this salad will be the highlight of your next gathering and a rave among your friends!

Get everything you need to know here thanks to Let The Baking Begin

9. Roasted Veggie Pasta Salad

Another example of why you should love carbs, the roasted veggies in this salad take it on a one way trip to flavour town (seriously)! 

Check out the Proud Italian Cook for the recipe

10. Rice and Bean Salad

A Meatless Monday favourite, this Vegetarian salad will leave you full, happy and full of energy!

Check out the recipe here and wile your at it check out some of the other delicious recipes from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

11. Burrito Salad Bowl 

This is one of my all time favourite salads as its pretty much a burrito minus the wrap. Its fresh, flavourful, and light yet totally satisfying! Perfect for a hot day, or any day for that matter. Check it out here.

12. Not Your Average Greek Salad 

Take the boring old greek salad you thought you knew and crank it right up. This greek salad is packed with pop and is ultra refreshing. Oh and this recipe is also Paleo =]

Get started with the recipe here.

13. Tabouli Salad

Ok, so this one was in the video to, but its one of those salads that too many people haven't tried. Don't miss out any longer, you need to have this salad in your life! Oh and did I mention it is the perfect side with pork and lemon dill potatoes?! 

Find the recipe here.

14. BBQ Chicken Salad

Who doesn't love BBQ chicken? Lighten it up by making it a salad and you have pure perfection. Enjoy! 

Another one from Damn Delicious, get the recipe here

15. Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Another instant party favourite, this salad is sweet, spicy and has a surprising little pop, make lots because its even better the next day!

All you have to do is mix equal parts watermelon and cucumber, then add diced mint and some sweet chill sauce to taste. Its that easy!


Let me know which of these you loved, and tell me about your other favourite salads!