Over Ripe Bananas; Don't Toss Them, Use Them!

Everyone knows the struggle of buying bananas and having half the bunch turn brown before you get a chance to eat them all, inevitably this is when they move to their new home - the trash can. This is a fate that seriously bugs me and starts me off on a lot of tangents!  So often I hear "Why bother keeping them? They are ugly, brown, and besides what am I ever going to do with them?" and its seriously makes me see red… So rather than ranting I'm going to share why you should save those brown bananas and what you can do with them!


Why Keep The Brown Bananas?

There are 3 simple reasons why I always tell people to keep their bananas, the first and most obvious is that by keeping them you are saving money. Think about it for a minute. For easy math lets say you buy 1 bunch of bananas every week and end up throwing out 2 per bunch because they are over ripe, in one year thats 104 bananas each year. Again lets say you spend $2.50/bunch and there is 7 in a bunch, we could say it costs roughly 36 cents per banana, thats almost $38 bucks in wasted bananas each year! Personally I can think of at least 100 things I would rather do with that money than literally throw it away!

Second and third almost tie into each other, they are the fact that brown bananas have a stronger flavour and they are easier to incorporate into many recipes. Like many other fruits, as the banana ripens its moisture content increases and along with it so do the natural sugars, because of this the banana has a stronger, more pronounced flavour. See where I'm going with this? Since the over ripe banana has more moisture it also has a softer texture which makes it great for mixing into all sorts of recipes! And as an added bonus kids love smashing them! 


What To Do With Them All?!

Alright, so now that I've persuaded you to keep the browning bananas lets talk about what to do with them! First off, if you are not going to be using them right away, pop them in the freezer until you are. Now, there truly is an endless number of things to do with these bananas two of my all time favourites are banana smoothies, and banana frozen yogurt.

Banana smoothies are super easy, all you have to do is grab a blender, throw in some ice, bananas, milk (or your favourite substitute) and any other fruits that are calling your name, blend and there you go. Deliciousness at your fingertips! Banana frozen yogurt is just as easy, for this one you want your bananas at room temperature, start by popping them into a bowl, mash them up (you want the approximate consistency of a paste or puree) then mix in some greek yogurt - I recommend a plan or vanilla for the optimal banana flavour. Once everything is mixed and good to go, pop the bowl into the freezer for a couple of hours then enjoy!

As I mentioned, those are two of my favourite ways to use brown bananas, however there is a virtual cornucopia of ideas to try! If you're looking for some additional information check out this great list of ideas from one of my favourite dessert blogs Crazy For Crust - If you love sweet treats as much as I do make sure you check out some of her other recipes (they are all pretty darn amazing!). 

Leave a comment and tell us your favourite use for the browning bananas!!