5 Reasons To Love Carbs Again

Carbohydrates… some of us hear that word and instantly think of these evil things that taste so good but are oh so bad… I'm here to tell you that carbs aren't as bad as the wrap their given, intact they are actually good for you! Heres 5 of my favourite reasons to love carbs again:

1. They are more than just grains.

Whenever I talk to someone about carbs they instantly reference the pasta they had for dinner, bread on their sandwich etc, the point I'm making is that its always a starchy carbohydrate that comes to mind and they are so much more than that. Fruits and veggies are actually carbohydrates too and there is no doubting how great they are!


2. Carbs make a great workout pal.

Because of they way different types of carbohydrates break down, they can be just the trick to get you through that intense work out! 

(fun fact - many high performance athletes such as marathon runners rely on a blend of simple and complex carbs to improve their times and push their bodies to the next level)


3. They are a bridge between meals.

Again, because of the way different carbs break down, combining a simple and a complex carb can help to control hunger between meals. Try having a piece of fruit such as an apple or pear with a couple of crackers (ideally something whole grain that is low in sodium) approximately 2 hours after lunch. You will notice that come dinner time you're not nearly as ravenous as you would have been otherwise!


4. Carbs are brain food.

Along with fat, the brain needs sugars in the form of glucose to operate at max capacity. That crazy magical brain food can be found in all your favourite carbohydrates (remember thats fruits veggies and grains too)


  5. They taste SO darn good!

Lets be honest carbohydrates are amazingly delicious, cooked or raw (maybe a happy combination of both). They satisfy our cravings, comfort us, and fuel our bodies. Carbs are snack-able, sharable and a seriously important part of any balanced meal. And on that note; people, enough is enough! Lets all stop hating on carbohydrates and other foods, and start focusing our energies on more positive and moderate thinking. Until next week…