Hi I'm Aimee!

I am the founder and driving force behind It's All Good; Family Nutrition, a nutritional consultation company dedicated to food education for all!

Growing up I had a very different experience relating to food than a lot of my friends did, many of whom relied on the local food bank to provide most if not all their household groceries. After gaining a background in food/beverage service as well as nutrition I knew my calling was to empower others with a love for, understanding of, and connection to food; I wanted to give my community and eventually the world the knowledge and power that I was lucky enough to be raised with. 

Looking at the current food trends within society there are some very alarming truths, we are currently eating ourselves to death, exponentially increasing instances of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. Through all of this we are loosing our connection to our food as well as each other, and we are slowly loosing the knowledge of how to control and maximize our food all together. This terrifying reality, along with my experiences and understanding growing up is what inspired me to bring food back to the home, family and community.

It's All Good; Family Nutrition has four key areas of focus, food education and empowermentcommunity engagementbalance and moderation, as well as food sustainability. We constantly work to achieve these core goals through our nutritional assessments, meal plans, consultations, as well as various classes and community cooking nights.

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